How Many Days Can You Missed Until Truancy?

How many days do you have to miss to be truant?

If your child goes to a school within the School District and is unlawfully absent for ten (10) days (cumulative, not consecutive) or more, the School District will cite you for truancy..

How many absences is a truancy?

Definition of a Truant In summary, it states that a student missing more than 30 minutes of instruction without an excuse three times during the school year must be classified as a truant and reported to the proper school authority.

Can you fail school for missing too many days?

It doesn’t take many absences to have an effect on a student’s grades or potential to graduate. According to Attendance Works, missing just two days a month—18 days a school year—can drastically affect a student’s academic success.

What happens if I miss more than 10 days of school?

Excused Absences Your child can be excused from school for a good reason, such as an illness. … If your child misses ten or more days of school, you will need to give the school a written note from a doctor. Absences can also be excused for things like a death in the family or a court appearance.