Question: What Does Top You Up Mean?

What does put you up mean?

To put somebody up: To let somebody stay at your home; to arrange for somebody to stay somewhere.

We can put you up for the night.

Why does “put somebody up” have that meaning?.

What does top someone off mean?

to add to the difficulty of something. Jane lost her job, and to top that off, she caught the flu. I had a bad day, and to top it off, I have to go to a meeting tonight.

What is another way to say hit me up?

hit me up / synonymsask me.asked me.asking me.beat me.beating me.find me.get me.More items…

What does it mean to hit up a girl?

to contact a person, especially by calling on a phone. Just hit me up later. You should hit up that girl, she’s sweet. … See more words with the same meaning: to contact, call, mail.

What does hit me mean in slang?

Hit me, my friendslang A request for someone to give one a high five (slapping one’s raised hand, as in a show of congratulation or celebration). Hit me, my friend!

What does top heavy mean sexually?

Definitions include: in male homosexual sex, a very dominant top.

What does top me up mean?

The exact origins of the phrase are unknown, although an Urban Dictionary entry from earlier this month defines it as: “Wanting someone to beat you up … He/She/They can top me any day!” … It seems only a matter of time before the phrase and meme get appropriated by straight, cis Twitter, and inevitably jumps the shark.

What does TOP mean in slang?

Dominant man in gay sexTOP Definition / TOP Means The definition of TOP is “Dominant man in gay sex”

What does being hit up mean?

US, informal. : to ask (someone) for something (such as money) She’s waiting for the right moment to hit up her father for a loan.

What top means?

b(1) : the highest or uppermost region or part. (2) : the upper end, edge, or surface. 2 : a fitted, integral, or attached part or unit serving as an upper piece, lid, or covering. 3a(1) : the highest position (as in rank or achievement) (2) : a person or thing at the top.

What does LTR mean sexually?

long-term relationshiplong-term relationship.

What is top in medical terms?

Diagnosis, Pregnancy, Midwifery. TOP. Termination of Pregnancy. Embryology, Midwifery. TOP.