Question: What Is A G6 In The Song Like A G6?

When did like a G6 come out?

2010Like a G6/Released.

What is the song Like a G6 referring to?

They settled on “G6”, meant to be a reference to the private airplane model Gulfstream IV, referred to as a “G4”. The G4 had been name-checked in songs such as Drake’s 2009 “Forever”. A G6, they decided, was “flyer than a G4”, according to Far East Movement member Kev Nish.

Who is the girl singing in like a G6?

DevLike a G6/ArtistsDevin Star Tailes (born July 2, 1989), better known as Dev (sometimes stylized as DEV or dEV), is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, model and radio host. She was discovered by The Cataracs and record label Indie-Pop via Myspace after Dev’s friend Shane Crislip posted a video of her singing.

Is a G6 a real plane?

The G6 doesn’t exist. The company’s line of planes ranges from the G150 to the G650, with each plane featuring the three-digit product number. Gulfstream believes the “G6” clearly refers to the G650, their top-of-the-line product.

What movie was like a G6 in?

STEP UP 3DMovie Clip From “STEP UP 3D” mixed with Far East Movement – Like G6.

Who sings the song G6?

DevLike a G6/Artists

What are G6 countries?

When the group was formed in 1975, it was known as the G6, comprising France, West Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

What does G6 mean in music?

The G major sixthExplanation: The G major sixth is a four-note chord. You can see the four notes marked in red color. The chord is abbreviated G6. Theory: The G6 chord is constructed with a root, a major third, a perfect fifth and a major sixth.

What does G6 mean in slang?

G6 is short for the Gulfstream G650, a luxury private jet. It’s most commonly used in the phrase fly like a G6, coined by the hip-hop group Far East Movement for someone who is cool, confident, and very rich.

What is a Slizzard?

Slizzard is a hip-hop slang word for “incredibly drunk or high.”

Does Kesha sing like a G6?

“My First Kiss” — This song was recorded by 3OH! 3, an American electronic duo. … It was the lead single from the group’s album, “Streets of Gold,” and featured American singer/rapper Kesha. “Like a G6” — This catchy electro-pop song was performed by Far East Movement, a Los Angeles-based Korean-American foursome.

What does G6 mean in the military?

General Staff Level office for Signal and CommunicationG5 – General Staff Level office for Military/Civil Affairs (Division and Above) G6 – General Staff Level office for Signal and Communication (Division and Above) G7 – General Staff Level office for Training and Exercises (Division and Above)