Quick Answer: How Long Does Color Street Last In Package?

Is color Street a pyramid scheme?

Is Color Street a pyramid scheme.

Technically no, Color Street is not a pyramid scheme.

You can earn money by selling their products and without recruiting anyone into the MLM company..

Can you put color Street in the freezer?

If your Color Street was left in your mailbox on a hot day, or you accidentally left them in your car, then just pop the unopened package in the freezer for a few minutes to firm them up.

Is selling color Street worth it?

I think Color Street offers a decent product selection and a good compensation plan. In fact, I it’s one of the better MLMs out there in my opinion. … In fact, Stylists earn an average of $113 per month. “Income” doesn’t really start until you get to the Senior Director level, and that’s still just around $2k/month.

Can you cut color Street in half?

So you’re probably wondering, what exactly is Color Street and why Nail Polish strips? … They come in different sizes so you can best choose the one to fit your nails. They’re quite long too, so I found that I was able to cut them in half and still have strips left for another application.

Can Color street go bad?

Color Street nail strips are real polish in a dry strip form, with a base coat, color coat and top coat in every strip. They are supposed to last about 10 days without chipping.

Can you store color Street nails in a Ziploc bag?

I’ve used a ziplock bag and also used my curling iron to re-seal the original packaging. And that’s it! They are dry immediately, no waiting and worrying that your nails will get ruined because they are applied dry and stay that way. Because they are so simple and dry, these are perfect for kids too!

Can Color street ruin your nails?

The Color Street nail strips are made with 100% real nail polish. They are not vinyl like other brands. … When done properly (with remover and they aren’t just pulled off) Color Street does not damage the nail like acrylics do.

Should I put a topcoat on color Street nails?

Note that the nail polish strips are actual polish that is about 95% dry. It contains base coat, color and top coat all within the strip. You shouldn’t need other nail products when using Color Street, though you could definitely use a top coat if you want. The strips stretch a little bit, but not a ton.

How long does color Street last after opening?

1-2 monthsDoing this will keep them at least 1-2 months if properly sealed, and sealed quickly after use.

How much can I make selling color Street?

You earn a 25% commission on all sales, paid weekly. You can also earn an enhanced commission (up to 10%) if your sales are $600-$2400+ for the month.

How can I make my nail strips last longer?

1- Apply a Top Coat A coat of transparent nail polish is one of the best and easiest ways to make your nail polish strip last longer. With a clear coat of nail polish, the wraps can last for 2 weeks. The nail polish acts as a waterproof seal that covers the wrap which: Prevents the wrap from damaging.