Quick Answer: What Do You Call A Sly Person?

What’s another word for quiet?

What is another word for quiet?silentstillquietedpeacefulmutedplaciduntroubledmuteinaudiblehalcyon32 more rows.

Does Sly mean clever?

If you describe someone as sly, you disapprove of them because they keep their feelings or intentions hidden and are clever at deceiving people. She is devious and sly and manipulative.

What do you call a sneaky person?

Sly or cunning in manner or intent. sly. secret. furtive. cunning.

What is another word for Sly?

Some common synonyms of sly are artful, crafty, cunning, foxy, slick, tricky, and wily.

What are some words for sneaky?


What is a sneaky?

: behaving in a secret and usually dishonest manner. : done in a secret and dishonest manner. See the full definition for sneaky in the English Language Learners Dictionary. sneaky. adjective.

What does a sly smile mean?

DEFINITIONS2. a sly smile, look, or remark shows that the person doing it knows something that other people do not know.

Is it good to be cunning?

I am inclined to believe that cunning, when used for the good of all, can be a positive thing. Nevertheless, cunning should be used cautiously and sparingly with the consequences of other’s in mind, as by failing to do so history will judge you as wicked, rather than good.

What animal is sly?

foxesHow did foxes get this reputation? “Sly as a fox” has been a traditional saying for hundreds of years. Fables, such as Aesop’s “The Fox and the Crow,” painted the fox as a very crafty and cunning hunter. Although there are plenty of other animals that are cunning hunters, the fox became associated with trickery.

What is a sly person?

When you’re sly, you’re crafty, cunning, tricky, and wily. Being sly is being deceitful, though not in the worst way. If you’re good at lying, you’re quite sly: people who are sly are good at pulling one over on other people. Being sly helps you get away with things.

Is Sly positive or negative?

“Cunning” is more negative, meaning “good at deceiving people” (though in the past it used to be equivalent to “cute”!). “Sly” is about the same as “cunning”. You might also consider “scheming” if she has specific intentions, and “devious” if she hides her true intentions.

How do you deal with a sly person?

8 Ways To Deal With Manipulators8 Ways To Deal With Manipulators. Ignore everything they do and say. … Ignore everything they do and say. … Hit their center of gravity. … Trust your judgment. … Try not to fit in. … Stop compromising. … Never ask for permission. … Create a greater sense of purpose.More items…•

How do I become sly?

TipsBe clever, Always think a way round something. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0.Don’t give away secrets. Helpful 2 Not Helpful 2.Pretend to be innocent. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 1.Be kind and sharp. … Shrewd and sly men and women are all mentally strong people. … Don’t be in the centre of the crowd, stay quiet and unnoticeable.