Quick Answer: What Is A Comparative For Easy?

How do you form comparative?

Adjectives with two syllables can form the comparative either by adding -er or by preceeding the adjective with more.

These adjectives form the superlative either by adding -est or by preceeding the adjective with most..

What is a comparative?

Comparative adjectives are used to compare differences between the two objects they modify (larger, smaller, faster, higher). They are used in sentences where two nouns are compared, in this pattern: Noun (subject) + verb + comparative adjective + than + noun (object).

Is most easy correct?

The comparative form of easy is easier and the superlative easiest. … Instead, we use the words more and most for comparative and superlative, respectively. Most easy is wrong.

What is the comparative of beautiful?

Adjective. beautiful (comparative more beautiful, superlative most beautiful)

Who is the father of comparative education?

Marc-Antoine JullienMore than any other historical figure, Marc-Antoine Jullien of Paris has been considered the ‘Father’ of Comparative Education, and his Esquisse d’un ouvrage sur l’éducation compare, appearing in 1816–17, has been viewed as that field’s originating source.

What is the comparative of intelligent?

The adjective, ‘intelligent’ (which has four syllables) is the positive form. Its comparative degree of comparison is ‘more intelligent’. Its superlative degree of comparison is ‘most intelligent’.

What is the comparative of easily?

First, “more easily” is correct. Second, using “more” and “the most” is the correct way to do comparatives and superlatives with adverbs. Here are some examples: This is easily done.

What is the comparative for difficult?

Some rules about forming comparatives and superlativesAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativedangerousmore dangerousthe most dangerousdifficultmore difficultthe most difficultexcitingmore excitingthe most excitingridiculousmore ridiculousthe most ridiculous

What is the superlative of dirty?

dirtiestdirty ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌adjectivedirtycomparativedirtiersuperlativedirtiest

What is the superlative of fast?


What is the example of comparative?

Comparative adjectives are used to compare one noun to another noun. In these instances, only two items are being compared. For example, someone might say that “the blue bird is angrier than the robin.”

What is the comparative of freely?

Re: What are the comparative and superlative form of the adjective “free”? Freer, freest. These things are listed in dictionaries.

What does freest mean?

(friːɪst ) Freest is the superlative of free. You may also like. English Quiz.

What is the comparative and superlative degree of dull?

This is the British English definition of dull. View American English definition of dull….dull ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌adjectivedullcomparativedullersuperlativedullest

What is an example of a comparison?

The definition of a comparison is the act of finding out the differences and similarities between two or more people or things. An example of comparison is tasting different years of pinot noir wine back to back and discussing their differences. The quality of being similar or equivalent; likeness.