Quick Answer: What Is The Biggest Meteor In Space?

What is the largest meteor in space?

Observations by the Very Large Telescope of most large asteroids are being published 2019–2021….Largest by diameter.Name1 CeresDiameter (km) (geometric mean)939.4±0.2Dimensions (km)964.4 × 964.2 × 891.8Mean distance from Sun (in AU)2.766Date discoveredJanuary 1, 180143 more columns.

What asteroid will hit Earth in 2020?

The near-Earth asteroid 1998 OR2 is at least 1.5 kilometers across and will pass 16 lunar distances away on April 29, 2020. Traveling at nearly 20,000 miles an hour, 1998 OR2 will pass within four million miles of our planet this week, or roughly 16 times farther than the moon.

How big is the asteroid that’s coming in 2020?

The asteroid, called 2020 HS7, is between 13 and 24 feet (4 to 8 meters) in size and passed Earth at a distance of 23,000 miles (36,400 kilometers) when it made its closest approach at 2:51 p.m. EDT (1851 GMT).

What is the biggest asteroid ever recorded?

CeresThe largest asteroid is called Ceres. It is about one-quarter the size of the moon and orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter in a region called the asteroid belt. Unlike most asteroids, Ceres is spherical in shape.